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Concertina Wire in Mumbai

Concertina Wire Manufacturer in Mumbai


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We are one of the leading manufacturer & supplier of Concertina Wire in Mumbai. We have gained huge success in developing high in demand Concertina Wire.The offered wire is specially engineered to fulfill the pledge of higher durability. Developed using premium grade GI iron and steel alloys the offered wire is best suited for fencing at gardens and residential complexes. The offered wire is developed precisely using the most advanced fabrication techniques and gaining huge acclamation for its ease of handling and optimum workability. Further, we are providing the highly effective protecting wire with galvanized finish at a market leading price.

Concertina Wire, otherwise called Razor Wire or PTCC is created with dangerously sharp steel edges. It is startling to the forceful edge interloper, with the outline making climbing and touching greatly troublesome, it is violently successful as a hostile to climb security fence. Concertina Wire is especially hard to squash or trample and is relatively difficult to cut without specific instruments and still, after all that it is a moderate hazardous activity.

Concertina Wire as made by BLD Wall Fencing can be put away in a reduced condition prepared for utilize. It is accessible in an Electrifies complete to keep the sharp edges rusting and getting to be limit. These are made of Electrifies Steel strip with four snare spikes, pass on cut each 25mm and cool held around a high elastic spring steel center wire. The spikes are so close as to keep any hand hold and intended to tear into all types of garments.

Concertina Wire is framed by section neighboring loops of a solitary curl to each other at customary focuses around the outline. Whenever expanded, this structures a barrel shaped example like a loop spring and restricts the expansion of the curl giving it necessary quality, lessening the requirement for supporting links. The solidified spring steel center wire strengthens the self-supporting hindrance, making it amazingly hard to cut and guarantees that the Concertina Curl will stay powerful as a security fence for a long time. Concertina Wire is joined to a specifically to a fence line or surface by means of a "V" or "W" Work profile.
Concertina Wire security fencing has picked up the notoriety of being a minimal effort, viable high security fencing item.
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Superior resistance to corrosion
Light in weight
High tensile strength

Concertina Wire Manufacturer & Supplier in Mumbai

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Concertina Wire Manufacturer in Mumbai & Concertina Wire Supplier in Mumbai

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