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Concertina Fencing Wire As we know concertina coil, Concertina Wire, fencing wire all are different type of security wires. These wires are used for security of different places like borders, railway stations, airport, zoos, military base & many more where high security is required. Concertina coil or fencing wire is the best option to secure your property. Animals and any strangers cannot enter your property by passing through such wires. Special tools are required to cut these wires.

Concertina Coil: It is a mixture of razor wire & barbed wire in the form of big coils which can be further enlarged as an entangled concertina. These concertina coils are generally utilized for the military purpose of forming wired obstructions.

Concertina Wire: Concertina Wire or Dannert wire is a formation of razor wire or fences. The wire comes with spikes that defend a stranger or animal from accessing your home or the secured area. Another benefit is that you can simply install it if you have the right skills.

Fencing Wire: It is the way preferred by people when it comes to security alternatives. This is first & foremost security wire because of its high level toughness, making trespassing of property impossible. The dimensions of the Fencing Wire vary as per individual requirements. It is used for a large variety of purposes – from containing reared creatures to keeping out burglars – this wire is the best alternative for security purposes. The truth is only professional tool can cut through this Fencing Wire is a clear testimony to its consistency.

When it come to buy security wires with best security solution then everyone looks for the best concertina coil manufacturer & supplier of concertina coil and fencing wire. Sai Wire Manufacturing Pvt Ltd is a well established industry in the field of providing high quality, effective & durable security wire like concertina coil, concertina wire, fencing wire, barbed wire, razor blade wire, concertina razor wire, rbt wire etc all over in Delhi NCR, India. Our products are made by the professionals using latest technology. You can get the high quality products as per your requirements at very reasonable prices. Capital Wire Industries is a top concertina coil manufacturer in Delhi NCR, India.

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Stepped into the industry of Wires, We are a manufacturer, supplier, exporter and Dealers of Fencing Wire in Delhi, Razor Wire in Delhi, Concertina Coil in Delhi, Razor Blade Wire in Delhi, Concertina Wire in Delhi, RBT Wire in Delhi, Security Fencing in Delhi, PVC Coated Wire in Delhi. Incepted in the year 2016, Capital Wire Industries is an extremely recognized firm of the industry that has come into being with a vision to bring the customer’s most preferred choice. The ownership type of our company is a sole proprietorship.

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