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Concertina Wire Manufacturers in Delhi, Concertina Wires in Delhi. We offer Concertina Wires is extremely encouraged in the market. because of the pleasant quality uncooked components utilized in its making, the provided wire is extremely immune against deterioration and has a extended life. This wire is used normally developing barrier and stopping get right of entry to of any unwanted people and creatures. Concertina wire or Dannert wire is a kind of barbed wire or Razor Wire this is shaped in big coils which may be extended like a concertina. along side plain barbed wire and metal pickets, it's miles used to shape army wire obstacles. barbed wire obstacles were made by using stretching lengths of barbed wire between stakes of timber or iron. At its most effective, this sort of barrier would resemble a fence as might be used for agricultural functions. The double apron fence comprised a line of pickets with wires running diagonally all of the manner right down to factors at the ground either facet of the fence. Horizontal wires had been connected to these diagonals. extra difficult and ambitious obstructions might be shaped with a couple of traces of stakes linked with wire walking from side-to-side, again-to-front, and diagonally in each viable route. effective as these limitations were, their production took sizeable time.

Or we can say this acts as a beneficial barrier and can certainly be set up within a period of only 15 mins. Concertina wire formations had been typically deployed with the aid of infantrymen during the first international warfare and had been prepared earlier in dug-outs and ditchs. these had been sooner or later setup on areas that certified as no-man’s land. these wire packs can be transported without any primary hassles and there are a couple of shapes and forms to be had which can be deployed extra effortlessly nowadays.

Easy installation
Aesthetic appearance
Good obstruction effect

Material: Galvanized
Length: 6 m
Width: 200 mm to 1 m

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